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Re: Theosophy=HPB, and more on Paul J.

Jun 19, 1998 11:36 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Brenda,

How quickly you have labeled me as:
 "because he has been assigned the role of National Lecturer for some
unknown period of time.  This position makes Martin a consort with the
establishment.  He has found the "business" of teaching theosophy to his

And later you said:
" ...While reading Paul's books (and Martin unfortunately (as far as I
know) you don't have any,) ..."
Didn't you read in my post that I bought a book from Paul himself
??????? It  is even autographed by him (a collectors item!!!!)
I think you are acting defensively very much, without too much thinking
. . .  Did you forget the great fun we have while both attending to our
own talks at the Lodge back in Hollywood???

In a previous post, I mentioned how I became a National Lecturer, it was
so simple: I asked John Algeo, and after a 20 minute interview and  he
said OK. That was it.  So I really do not know were you are coming from.
I am so free about it, there is no soul slavery, I had my experience
with New Acropolis which opened my eyes to organizations and Cults.
Can you say the same about all the cults to which you belong, like I AM
and Co-Masons????

Your Brother,

Martin Leiderman
In West Los Angeles

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