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Re: Theosophy=HPB, and more on Paul J.

Jun 19, 1998 06:58 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

Martin writes:
>And Paul, I still don't see why to perplexed about the variety of
>people's belief. In any organization you will find from the most ortodox
>to the most liberal, but that is cause for perplexity. I wonder if your
>words (I don't know you well) are caused by old wounds, inner agenda,
>personality collisions, and so on? I'm saying this because in your words
>there a negative feeling I get from them, when you refer to Radha and
>John A. I found Radha very Krishnamurtian in her talks. In few lectures
>I have attended of Radhas, she never proselytized about HPB. But again
>you may have attended more lectures than me.

I would like to quickly comment regarding Paul's role as a spokesperson.
Martin has carried a torch for the Adyar T.S., because he has been assigned
the role of National Lecturer for some unknown period of time.  This
position makes Martin a consort with the establishment.  He has found the
"business" of teaching theosophy to his liking.

Martin is different in this than Paul, however, because Paul's researches
have led him down a different path - a path through which he likewise is
now speaking to numbers, through his books and through his invitations to

Paul has uncovered discrepency and tragedy and has done very fine written
work which doesn't drag down an adventurousome spirit, but takes us to new
visitas in understanding the progress of: masonry, politics, etc.  Paul is
on an adventure.  As tedious as it may sound at times to be a National
Lecturer, there are likewise many fond discourses and pathways worth
visiting again and again through theosophy. When you, Martin, work within
theosophy, you approach your subject matter in a relaxed manner.

What I see working in Paul is lots of inquisitiveness and lots of emotion,
because of his adventures - both with reading material and first hand.
Paul's work approaches "investigative reporting."  He writes his findings
even if others might be offended.  In order to do this kind of work and to
continue doing it, he has to carry a double-edged sword.

My daughter, Galina, and I were reading an article in the L.A. Times
recently which criticized the CIA for not having foreknowledge of the
Nuclear Testing in India.  The report by a military figure criticized the
spies for not being skilled in acquiring secret information, etc.
Intelligence personnel would need to look at every potential source as one
that can be worked over for information in subtle ways.

While reading Paul's books (and Martin unfortunately (as far as I know) you
don't have any,) Paul places stresses on key figures and watches as they
wriggle out of difficulties and leads his readers on meandering searches
for knowledge. He may be unusual as I imagine a writer might seem somewhat
unusual to know, but I don't think he's particularly harmful.  On the
contrary, criticism to a writer is part and parcel of the reward he's

Do you think any of us are asking for Everlasting Love for the work we do?
Do you want more people to love and adore you?  For some reason, this isn't
very appealing.  Most people want love to spread out - to reach into places
its never been before and to inspire the downcast.  How can we attempt work
which would accomplish this?


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