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Theosophy=HPB, and more on Paul J.

Jun 19, 1998 02:21 PM
by Martin Leiderman

I don't think anyone believes that Theosophy=HPB.

IMOP, a better formula is:

Theosophy = Divine-Wisdom found in all traditions + Divine-wisdom found
in the HPB writing (new stuff) + HPB method of comparing, and extracting
Divine Wisdom

And Paul, I still don't see why to perplexed about the variety of
people's belief. In any organization you will find from the most ortodox
to the most liberal, but that is cause for perplexity. I wonder if your
words (I don't know you well) are caused by old wounds, inner agenda,
personality collisions, and so on? I'm saying this because in your words
there a negative feeling I get from them, when you refer to Radha and
John A. I found Radha very Krishnamurtian in her talks. In few lectures
I have attended of Radhas, she never proselytized about HPB. But again
you may have attended more lectures than me.

On your books. I thank you for writing them. They showed some historical
charactersand circumstances I would never have come in contact with, and
you collected a lot of information about HPB,her times and possibilities
about her Masters, along with issues that are interesting to ponder.
I took for granted many things I have heard, and now I am motivated to
learn more about her past, her connections, the Masters' connections
with  individuals, organizations, etc.

your brother
Martin Leiderman
In sunny West Los Angeles

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