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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 20, 1998 05:32 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 20th

Dear Pam:

All I had in mind was a methodical mind, where a constant attempt
to correlate cause and effect, parts with their origins, and with
the "Whole," and that's all I meant -- my mind runs like that I
see/hear something and then wonder:  Why me ?  What relation does
that have to me and what should I do with it ?  When should I do
anything, or nothing ?  Is it my business, etc...

Being of the nature of an analyst I try to make myself
synthesize, enlarge, ask what is the Universal source for the
present situation, or the present person's speech or seeming
attitude,  and like it is said in LIGHT ON THE PATH I very often
find myself confronted with an almost insoluble mystery.  I then
ask myself what is the "principle" that is acting in them,
predominantly, and why am I not in tune with it ?  etc., etc.,
Importantly:  Am I the one who is out of tune and
misunderstanding ?  I try to give the other the benefit of the
whole horizon.  If I stay narrowly in a "groove" I can't expect
another to follow me there.

As to left-brain right-brain etc... I don't believe for one
moment that the brain is any more than a tool for the mind, and
that what those electro-magnetic responses observed are, than the
effects of the brain being used.  There are too many cases of
people with brain accidents or impairments who go on living with
their thinking functions rather still intact.  In any case that
is only a physiological conclusion, and it does not take into
account the 7-fold "human". What about creativity, genius,
talent, and the individual development of any child ?  Is this to
be steam-rollered out of them ? That seems to be the whole trend
of the present educational thrust, with some few exceptions.
Psychology likewise -- it glorifies the Personality.  And knows
little or nothing of the EGO the TRUE SELF.  Perhaps Maslow was
one of the last good psychologists.  And, I know that he like
Arthur E. Morgan (both of whom I have met and conversed with)
were quite familiar with Theosophy and with what HPB wrote.

May I offer an instance from my own quick review of about 40
pages in the SD ?

HPB says that a grasp and application of the 7-fold nature of man
and the universe is the key to occultism and esotericism--SD I
205-6.  And so far I think she is right in so saying.  SD I 232-3
deals with the "creation" of man;  SD I 230-1 deals with the
dropping  of the eternal Ray into "man";  SD I 216, 218, 224-5
deals with the nature of the Monad/Jiva;  SD I 213 speaks of the
"fiery Lions, the Agnishwatta Pitris as those eternal Living Ones
that take up residence in "man;" and this is called the "secret
of the Vedas on SD I 210;
SD I 211 says that man never evolved physiologically from
-- I suppose that I could go on, but his is only a relatively
small part of what she speaks of in the SD.  -- and this is also
a sample of the way in which I go after things.

Your question about "Dallas" handling one who is of a particular
train of mind, well, I would try to find out what their natural
capacities are and ask if they are able to handle the development
and management of an aspect of my business -- give them something
to do which they can enjoy and build, but never lose the concept
of the "team," and, that our business as a whole SERVES those who
need it.

People come back to those who are honest and quick on their
toes - that's been my experience, and I have watched my
businesses grow on that thesis.  The idea is to fill a necessary
"niche" in the whole structure, and not to do battle with all and
sundry -- far less psychological or moral strain for me.  But an
awful lot of hours and work in any case.  I always remember
Edison:  99 % perspiration.

[ did you know he was an early member of the T S  ? ]

I study the business world not to compete, but to adjust to areas
of service, and to be efficient at it.  I also shared what I
learned.  Interesting, my competitors rarely believed me, but my
clients did.  I was always very active in my trade organizations
(Publishing and Printing).  But I never went out on a preaching
binge or tried to explain my philosophy unless someone asked, and
then, as a preliminary, I would draw them out, seeking to
understand what they really meant and how their kind of mind
worked -- not to take advantage of it, but to give explanations
that were clear to them.  And sometimes this method failed
miserably with some very wonderful and kind people, who had their
own conclusions working for themselves.  So I tried to arrange to
"part as friends."

It is a shame that the schools are run (for state and others) on
a purely monetary basis, and have little or no consideration for
the development of "returning immortal Egos, who will want to
pick up the work of their past lives here and now.  I note what
you say about the humanities and the short shrift given nowadays
to art, poetry, music and literature, and of course deplore such
a materialism that wishes to develop thinking but obedient
machines to fill job slots.  See what HPB says about Education in
her day, as practiced in England in the KEY, p. 264 on for about
8 pages.  Had I a child to bring up under such circumstances I
would use my own home (as you must  be doing) as a school= room
filling it with those items of the curriculum that give a well
rounded perspective to a developing child.  I take the view that
children desire to be given a direction and a friendly
supervisionary overlook.  There is enough of bad problems in the
schools today that I (and perhaps you) did not have to contend
with.  I know of several families where this has been
successfully practiced.

Well, well too long.        Good bye for the moment         Dal

> Date: Saturday, June 20, 1998 4:30 PM
> From: "Pam Giese" <>
> Subject: Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

>> W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
>> >
>> > Annette -- you are quite right.  But for those who have very
>> > "organized" minds and who desire to be able to investigate
>> > that which we know, they need those preliminary stepping
>> > How do we help them ?  That is what I had in mind.
>What is do you mean by "organized minds"?  Each person's mind is
>There's gobs of books on different schemes for defining the
>A popular one in management theory  is a 2X2 scheme where the
first array
>is the left brain/right brain dichotomy and the second array is
>concrete/abstract thinking dichotomy.  This creates four
thinking types:
>left brain (linear, analytic, methodological) concrete [e.g.
Jack Webb's
>Dragnet "give me the facts, just the facts, ma'am], left brain
>[systemized application of known facts to the unknown  world],
right brain
>(holistic, image-based) concrete [what do I sense about the
world around
>me] and right brain abstract [what do I intuit about the whole
>My boss actually recruits by this scheme and feels that the
"perfect team"
>has one of each type.
>This schema is kindegartner stuff for a philosophically literate
list like
>this.  Astrology and Jung offer equally valid schemes.  Any way,
it sounds
>like Dallas is asking, "How do we spur an intuitive
understanding for those
>on the left-brain concrete track?"
>I think folks have been a bit hard on Dallas regarding the
quotes.  Try
>seeing the quotes as snippets of wisdom, haiku, or dialogue in
>rather than preaching  or quoting gospel.  I think they're meant
in this
>way and, in humility, to add the added value of directing folks
where to go
>for more information.
>Annette write:  It would be nice and
>> easy if humans could state the understandings of life in a
>> "do-it-yourself" step by step program and then distribute it
by whatever
>> means were the currently accepted ones.  In fact we have been
trying to
>> do that for some time now and have failed.  I now believe that
>> failure occurs because the race has separated itself from the
>> Here I don't just mean a diconnection from the planet and
>> things, but the whole natural way of life for our
>> imbalance in family, work, time, self, education, worship.
>You've hit on a key point here.  So much of our culture doesn't
>consistent all-around value to so many things needed for
personal expansion
>and personal spiritual growth --let alone valuing this on an
>scale.  Look at Art.  In my state, not only is art and music not
>for elementary and middle school children, it has actually been
cut out of
>some schools all together!  As I remember, it was usually in the
arts where
>children who had difficulties with regular academics found an
area where
>they were on par or even excellent. Now the schools improve
"self esteem"
>by lowering grading standards and having the kids regurgitate
>"affirmations".   In the public schools that my daughter has
>poetry assignments are rare and far between.  Can you imagine
trying to
>read the Stanzas if you never had any education in the language
of poetry?

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