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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 20, 1998 05:17 PM
by Annette Rivington

Pam Giese wrote:
> What is do you mean by "organized minds"?  Each person's mind is uniquely
> organized.
> My boss actually recruits by this scheme and feels that the "perfect team"
> has one of each type.

Snip the schema - which I was very interested in reading about by the
way.  Can't agree though, Pam.  I believe every person has the ability
to use all those types of thought processes at the same time, and may be
stuck in one mode because trained to do so and now it supports a
situation in life existing because of the training, or because it is
easier and more comfortable to act in one mode, or because one mode fits
with desired results for one type of task.
I think your boss is smart on the one hand and a pioneer on the other
who runs the risk of spending more time bringing cohesion to the team
than getting results, unless s/he uses the team not as a team but as
individual resources which s/he consolidates.....
Not unlike these quotes may be used......

> I think folks have been a bit hard on Dallas regarding the quotes.  Try
> seeing the quotes as snippets of wisdom, haiku, or dialogue in absentia
> rather than preaching  or quoting gospel.  I think they're meant in this
> way and, in humility, to add the added value of directing folks where to go
> for more information.
Have to disagree again...I think people have been hard on the quotes,
including me, not on Dallas.  If the quotes do not provide direction to
more information for one, or stay with one as useful snippets of wisdom,
However, the very fact that they cause debate adds value, so .....
no contest in the long run.

Appreciate your comments about education, Pam.  Dare I say, let's face
it, when the recent mass production age came upon us we were responsible
for letting education become diluted until it served one purpose only -
to produce workers for nations the goal of which was to be the winner in
the competition.  Now the public education system is going through
massive downsizing which will hopefully spawn a private system that is
affordable and all inclusive, that will in turn influence the public
If I am honest and realistic, and imagine a fixed amount of time in
conjunction with the vastly increased knowledge and skills that now
exist even compared to my elementary school days, I would have
difficulty coming up with a curriculum that covers it all.
Here's a thought - everyone in society has sufficient resources to live
phsyically and those who are teachers by nature just teach.  In the
classroom, in their homes, in the fields, on the internet, each time the
meet with someone who wants to learn!
Nice to chat with you.

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