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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 20, 1998 04:09 PM
by Pam Giese

> W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> >
> > Annette -- you are quite right.  But for those who have very
> > "organized" minds and who desire to be able to investigate into
> > that which we know, they need those preliminary stepping stones.
> > How do we help them ?  That is what I had in mind.        Dal.

What is do you mean by "organized minds"?  Each person's mind is uniquely

There's gobs of books on different schemes for defining the organization.
A popular one in management theory  is a 2X2 scheme where the first array
is the left brain/right brain dichotomy and the second array is
concrete/abstract thinking dichotomy.  This creates four thinking types:
left brain (linear, analytic, methodological) concrete [e.g. Jack Webb's
Dragnet "give me the facts, just the facts, ma'am], left brain abstract
[systemized application of known facts to the unknown  world], right brain
(holistic, image-based) concrete [what do I sense about the world around
me] and right brain abstract [what do I intuit about the whole situation].
My boss actually recruits by this scheme and feels that the "perfect team"
has one of each type.

This schema is kindegartner stuff for a philosophically literate list like
this.  Astrology and Jung offer equally valid schemes.  Any way, it sounds
like Dallas is asking, "How do we spur an intuitive understanding for those
on the left-brain concrete track?"

I think folks have been a bit hard on Dallas regarding the quotes.  Try
seeing the quotes as snippets of wisdom, haiku, or dialogue in absentia
rather than preaching  or quoting gospel.  I think they're meant in this
way and, in humility, to add the added value of directing folks where to go
for more information.

Annette write:  It would be nice and
> easy if humans could state the understandings of life in a
> "do-it-yourself" step by step program and then distribute it by whatever
> means were the currently accepted ones.  In fact we have been trying to
> do that for some time now and have failed.  I now believe that this
> failure occurs because the race has separated itself from the natural.
> Here I don't just mean a diconnection from the planet and spiritual
> things, but the whole natural way of life for our
> imbalance in family, work, time, self, education, worship.

You've hit on a key point here.  So much of our culture doesn't give
consistent all-around value to so many things needed for personal expansion
and personal spiritual growth --let alone valuing this on an evolutionary
scale.  Look at Art.  In my state, not only is art and music not compulsary
for elementary and middle school children, it has actually been cut out of
some schools all together!  As I remember, it was usually in the arts where
children who had difficulties with regular academics found an area where
they were on par or even excellent. Now the schools improve "self esteem"
by lowering grading standards and having the kids regurgitate
"affirmations".   In the public schools that my daughter has attended,
poetry assignments are rare and far between.  Can you imagine trying to
read the Stanzas if you never had any education in the language of poetry?

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