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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 20, 1998 04:24 PM
by Annette Rivington

Dear Dallas:
At the risk of being accused of using the list for personal chat....
Yes, it's quite extraordinary what we get out of things and how and from

Take as long as you want.  I am about to go do some gardening and then
pay my monthly bills and then do some work stuff ready to spend tomorrow
mixing work stuff with visiting family and book shopping and maybe see a
movie, all the while my brain will be thinking on these things.
Contrast that with my husband who will probably do nothing more than
read his theosophy books and sleep this weekend again.
I really do think that my little personal example above is part of the
problem we are discussing on the list....
The "philosophy" to survive must "live" each moment in the whole of us
in this life.

I am very sad when I think of the living philosophy that was practically
exterminated by dominating groups like the Romans for instance, and very
glad when I realize that, whatever one's choice of labels, the creation
is so perfect that no one part of it gone awry can completely destroy it
or any part of it's perfection.

I have responded to your recent quotations currently to make a point.  I
am also "walking the talk" by joining some other SpiritWeb lists to
learn more labels and understand more viewpoints.  I dread this on the
one hand because time bears down on me and it would be easier to say I
don't have the time, but I have to accept that I manifest my own time
and use of it, and that I must handle all ideas in order to approach
closer to the one truth.

Personally I have found that, in the past couple of years since I have
been struggling with sprirtuality and my aura has changed with each new
understanding, people approach me to talk about things.  Yesterday a
colleague took some time to get to the point, feeling his way with
respect to safeness, comfort level, and responsibility of opening a door
that I may choose to keep open when he might back out and want to close
later (if you see what I mean) and wanted to discuss the "meaning of
life" and commitment.  Through synchronicity he was introduced to
Neitzche (who knows how it's spelt!) and ideas which blew his mind and
threw him off balance.  I promised to read him (never had, thank
goodness, might have gone off on a disasterous tangent earlier in life
if I had from the sound of it!) so we could debate his ideas.  Now, I
could have said something like, "never read him, but X, Y and Z tell you
all you need to know", and I believe our dialogue would have stopped
there.  Hence the bookstore visit tomorrow.

I also want to make a collection of "spoken by Trees", so have saved all
the tree postings and must buy the books suggested.  I always wanted to
write a book and couldn't find a topic that felt right.  Who'd have
thought I would have to wait until now to go to a channeller's
presentation and ask a question that came from somewhere and get an
answer that struck me as important to my process, if I do as I intend,
will change my life once again?

Bloody amazing!
Love and good health

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> June 20th
> Dear Annette:
> Isn't it extraordinary how much we can get out of things ?
> I have just scanned your long and interesting comments, but will
> take a while to mull over the ideas and answer, so be a little
> patient with me.
> Wanted to acknowledge however.  I see some interesting comments
> you make there.
> Best wishes as always,        Dal.

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