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Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 22, 1998 07:37 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-06-22 10:25:42 EDT, Pam writes:

<< In my state, not only is art and music not compulsary
 for elementary and middle school children, it has actually been cut out of
 some schools all together!  As I remember, it was usually in the arts where
 children who had difficulties with regular academics found an area where
 they were on par or even excellent. Now the schools improve "self esteem"
 by lowering grading standards and having the kids regurgitate
 "affirmations".   In the public schools that my daughter has attended,
 poetry assignments are rare and far between.  Can you imagine trying to
 read the Stanzas if you never had any education in the language of poetry? >>

Good points, Pam. I agree with your statements. If our "watered-down"
educational system and its"feel good" pop psych obsession continues, the
country will soon find itself completely out of the loop academically (as far
as the rest of the world is concerned). We live in strange times !!


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