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Re: SD Study Group and LA Times Article

Jun 18, 1998 07:21 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 17th 1998

Re:  Malibu, SECRET DOCTRINE class  (Tuesdays 8.00 pm)

Dear Martin and Suzan:

We enjoyed having you come.  Do come again if you would be able
to take the time and make the long journey.  It is rare to find
someone who is a student of the S D.  Your input and
contributions to the discussion were most welcome.  Feel at home,
and come often.

Alex tells me that you have your own study class in Sta. Monica
and that you study the SD there too.  Val and I hope to be able
to come some day.  We would like more details.

Also thank you very much for the article from the L A Times that
you enclosed -- it is the one that Val and I were referring to.
As I see it Science is being forced by their discoveries into the
areas which Occult Science investigated ages ago, and of which
some detail was given in the  SD over 100 years ago.  WE also see
that they are becoming more and more aware of what in Theosophy
is called the "Astral Plane."  I mean the sub-atomic area, the
morpho-genetic field, Kirillian photography, gene manipulation,
indeterminacy, Chaos theory, fractiles, etc...

The theory about growth (expansion) and collapse (extinction) of
the Universe is reasonable as by analogy the "Great breath" is
the primordial pattern for our human breathing. You ask about
Manvantara and Pralaya -- and I would say that those vast cycles
of time represent by analogy on our plane the "breath" of
manifestation followed by the "sleep" of non-manifestation.

"Theosophist" January 1886 (Correspondence)  states that the
period of Pralaya is not the entire destruction of everything.
But rather it is a resting period during which the entire
Universe recuperates.   Again at the time of a fresh
manifestation all the entities and energies of the old Universe
reawaken progressively and resume their individual progress from
the point  at which they "went to sleep."

Our experience in waking and sleeping is analogous.
Reincarnation is also similar.  In this I see the great law of
Karma (both Universal and individual) is in operation.  Nature
contains everything, and Science is investigating that which is
already in place and working.  It codifies this information for
human understanding and use.  But the discoveries that are made
on all hands, are only that:   RE-DISCOVERIES.  Nature has them
in place and operating, from the smallest imaginable to the
greatest.  It is all part of the vast pattern of LIFE.

According to the figures in SD II 68 footnote, this will take a
very long time for our little World and Solar system.  The
figures for the entire UNIVERSE  would be incomprehensible to us,
just as the distances that the Hubble telescope now reveals are
beyond our ability to view as measurement, in spite of the vast
figures of distance and time they assign to various parts of the
so far "visible" Universe.

I see in this weeks U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT that they are now
mapping the entire firmament in far greater detail than was ever
possible, with a new kind of telescopic astro-camera, and that it
will take an appreciable time to do this.

Cole is a good writer.  Yes, I also read the article on
Neutrinos.  That is worth posting also.

With best wishes to you and Suzan,            Dallas

> Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 9:37 AM
> From: "Martin Leiderman" <>
> Subject: SD Study Group and LA Times Article

>Dear Dallas,
>Susan and I had a great time visiting your Secret Doctrine Study
>last night. It is a wonder how many times I have read the
>studied last night and how anew feels each time.
>Since you referred to an articles recently appeared in the Los
>Times, see web site:; I want it to share them
with the
>list. They are important since the talk about conditions in the
>that could cause it to expand and to collapse, like the
Manvantaras and
>Pralayas, and about the no need for the 'ether' conceptin
>science. Any opinions?
>There was another great article in lA Times about Neutrinos, I
have it
>if some one is interested.
>Los Angeles Times   Monday, June 15, 1998
>Missing Pieces of the Cosmic Puzzle As physicists continue
pondering the
>nature of the
>  universe, they say they can't find 70% of its energy, or  the
words to
>describe their problem.  By K.C. COLE, Times Science Writer
>            SNIP

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