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Re: Lords of Karma

Jun 18, 1998 07:37 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck


Again, looking at your response to Kym and Einar
Could you please break up you response from theirs ?
I do not know where theirs ends and yours begins.

I suggest using something definite, like a line " ============= "

Otherwise the force of what you say is lost.
Other people need to know what you intend making as a point.  And
I do to.  Best wishes as always        Dal.

> Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 5:27 PM
> From: "Sophia TenBroeck" <>
> Subject: Lords of Karma

>Kym saus, "It would seem that The Big Cheese or The Big Cheese's
>(angels, aliens, or other such beings) would have known such a
>misunderstanding would take place as a result of such a Karma
plan.  If
>the Lords of Karma are shaking their heads wondering why
humanity just
>ain't gettin' it - they've really only themselves, or the Big
One, to
>blame.  This is the problem with having the SAME IMMORTAL BEINGS
>in control for a long period of time - we need look only at
China or the
>corporate world for examples of "the ole' boys network" needing
>revamp.  I think we need to elect new leaders - NEW Lords of
Karma and
>NEW Mahatmas and New All Other Big-Wigs."
>One possible way of understanding this is :  That when a student
>science gets his/her Masters degree, it does not mean that they
can go
>into the laboratory and do anything they, please.  They are not
>of the various sciences to break the LAWS of the subject they
>pursued.  They are in fact paradoxically the science's most
>SERVANTS.   Therefore when an expression LORDS OF KARMA is used,
>should be that these LORDS, understanding Karma, are first and
>its most obedient SERVANTS.  The,  LORDS, in theosophy are not
>the personal GOD, who seems to be able to do whatever HE/SHE,
>breaking all Laws, of his/her own establishment.
>Therefore these Lords have to wait upon the return of favourable
>at which time humanity is most ripe to receive help and
>the farmer having to wait for spring to sow his seeds.  They
have to
>watch individual and collective humans, make their mistakes, and
>humans themselves into knots, binding themselves more and more.
That is
>why in The Voice of the Silence, HPB, writes of those Great Wise
>who choose Renunciation instead of Liberation, as treading the
Path of
>Woe, "Woe, unspeakable for the living dead and helpless pity for
the men
>of karmic sorrow. "  And again, "The fruit of karma sages dare
>still."   Each person must  "…run their appointed course in
>And.  Einar from Iceland gave a contribution to the
understanding of
>While Kym finds it difficult to "revel" saying, ".  Of course, I
>blessed - I've food to eat, a house to live in, a computer to
>pontificate on, heating and air conditioning, etc. . .so many
others do
>not.  But, most importantly, I have around me people who love me
and a
>sense of purpose. . .so many others do not.
>I simply cannot understand a "happy wise person."  Things are
not as
>they should be - this is not the best of all possible worlds.
>cannot "revel," Sophia.  Not now. Kym"  As Sir Edwin Arnold who
>The Light of Asia (the Life of the Buddha) so beautifully  puts
>about the Buddha, "He wept with all his brothers tears."
>In seeing the awful sorrow of all things, and yet perceiving the
>purposes that work for Good, are being sown in our hearts the
seeds of
>resolve that strengthening bring forth within one the future
Buddhas of
>the world.                          Sophia
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