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Lords of Karma

Jun 17, 1998 04:41 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Kym saus, "It would seem that The Big Cheese or The Big Cheese's Helpers
(angels, aliens, or other such beings) would have known such a
misunderstanding would take place as a result of such a Karma plan.  If
the Lords of Karma are shaking their heads wondering why humanity just
ain't gettin' it - they've really only themselves, or the Big One, to
blame.  This is the problem with having the SAME IMMORTAL BEINGS being
in control for a long period of time - we need look only at China or the
corporate world for examples of "the ole' boys network" needing a
revamp.  I think we need to elect new leaders - NEW Lords of Karma and
NEW Mahatmas and New All Other Big-Wigs."

One possible way of understanding this is :  That when a student of
science gets his/her Masters degree, it does not mean that they can go
into the laboratory and do anything they, please.  They are not MASTERS
of the various sciences to break the LAWS of the subject they have
pursued.  They are in fact paradoxically the science's most obedient
SERVANTS.   Therefore when an expression LORDS OF KARMA is used, it
should be that these LORDS, understanding Karma, are first and foremost
its most obedient SERVANTS.  The,  LORDS, in theosophy are not replacing
the personal GOD, who seems to be able to do whatever HE/SHE, pleases,
breaking all Laws, of his/her own establishment.

Therefore these Lords have to wait upon the return of favourable cycles,
at which time humanity is most ripe to receive help and instruction-like
the farmer having to wait for spring to sow his seeds.  They have to
watch individual and collective humans, make their mistakes, and tie
humans themselves into knots, binding themselves more and more.  That is
why in The Voice of the Silence, HPB, writes of those Great Wise Ones
who choose Renunciation instead of Liberation, as treading the Path of
Woe, "Woe, unspeakable for the living dead and helpless pity for the men
of karmic sorrow. "  And again, "The fruit of karma sages dare not
still."   Each person must  "…run their appointed course in life."

And.  Einar from Iceland gave a contribution to the understanding of

While Kym finds it difficult to "revel" saying, ".  Of course, I feel
blessed - I've food to eat, a house to live in, a computer to
pontificate on, heating and air conditioning, etc. . .so many others do
not.  But, most importantly, I have around me people who love me and a
sense of purpose. . .so many others do not.
I simply cannot understand a "happy wise person."  Things are not as
they should be - this is not the best of all possible worlds.          I
cannot "revel," Sophia.  Not now.	 Kym"  As Sir Edwin Arnold who wrote
The Light of Asia (the Life of the Buddha) so beautifully  puts it,
about the Buddha, "He wept with all his brothers tears."

In seeing the awful sorrow of all things, and yet perceiving the great
purposes that work for Good, are being sown in our hearts the seeds of
resolve that strengthening bring forth within one the future Buddhas of
the world.                          Sophia

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