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Re: Movements and members

Jun 17, 1998 02:42 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear K. Paul Johnson you wrote:

> ... I continue to be perplexed at how most
> individual Theosophists I've known are open, flexible, supportive
> of a wide variety of approaches-- and yet the movement itself
> seems to be the opposite of all those things.  By which I mean
> that those in power or positions of influence in the various
> organizations seem far more dogmatic and narrowminded and focused
> on a specific belief system centered on HPB than the general run
> of members.

I really don't know why to be perplexed at this. When I joined the TSA I
want just that a place to study HPB works . . .  When I wanted to study
Kabala, I joined The Kabalah Center in Los Angeles. There I did not
expect to find them studying HPB works, and so on. When I enrolled in
engineering School I wante to study Engineering not Archaeology which I
was also interested.
Individual interests are always larger than aorganization with a
specific and common goal. The TSA or TS's is a place to study Theosophy.
What is wrong about it or to be perplexed about it. There is no 'power'
needed about but common sense. The Theosophical Society is a place to
become familiar, or to study or to live Theosophically.

In our small study group (about 9-10 people) at my home, we study HPB
but everyone is encourage to bring all kind of ideas, quotes, teachings,
books and personal experience and philosophy to it to expand, or like CG
jung would say, to amplify the weekly subject.

Martin Leiderman
In West Los Angeles

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