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HPB = Theosophy?

Jun 17, 1998 11:32 PM
by Kym Smith

Martin wrote to Paul:

>I really don't know why to be perplexed at this. When I joined the TSA I
>want just that a place to study HPB works . . .  When I wanted to study
>Kabala, I joined The Kabalah Center in Los Angeles. There I did not
>expect to find them studying HPB works, and so on. When I enrolled in
>engineering School I wante to study Engineering not Archaeology which I
>was also interested.

If someone thinks that Theosophy "IS" HPB and her works - then one would not
be perplexed at Paul's post.  However, not all who study Theosophy believe
that the SECRET DOCTRINE or other such works authored by HPB are the bibles
of Theosophy.

HPB (via so-called "Mahatmas") did not invent Theosophy. Some Theosophists
seem to think that she is the "messiah" of Theosophy - akin to the role
Jesus has been delegated by many Christians.

Paul has been a fave target of those who have such a view of the "Great and
Holy HPB."  This viewpoint is prominent in the TSA and in others who claim
to be the "teachers or leaders" in Theosophy today - and it is a prime
reason why those who prefer more expansive and more tolerant viewpoints are
fleeing the Society.

The Christians say "If you don't believe in Jesus, you will not be saved."
The TSA comes awfully close to that when implying that questioning the
authenticity of the "Mahatmas" or HPB makes one some kind of lost, pitiful,
and ignorant heretic.

Is studying HPB studying Theosophy?  Can one be a Theosophist without ever
having heard of HPB or the Mahatmas?  Why is there such a thing as a
"Theosophist" vs. a "theosophist?"


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