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Blink, blink, blink

Jun 17, 1998 10:44 PM
by Kym Smith

Martin offered an LA Times article on missing 'space stuff:'

Fascinating article - seriously.  But the passage below left me befuddled:

>            The late Nobel laureate Niels
>      Bohr, who first saw clearly into the fuzzy heart of atoms, said
>      that physicists trying to describe the subatomic realm in everyday
>      language were more poets than scientists.
>           "The poet, too," he wrote, "is not nearly so concerned with
>      describing facts as with creating images."

So, the phrases: "funny energy," "clumpy stuff," "tangled strings," "smooth
stuff," "X Dark Matter," and "missing energy" are considered POETRY -
creators of images?

Ok, let's all contemplate on the poetic phrase "funny energy," and, should
you experience any difficulty imagining that concept, instead try "missing

Ready. . .set. . .go.


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