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"Humans Being"

Jun 15, 1998 10:16 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>As far as my reaction to Dallas' (and other folks) posts to me - sometimes
>my feelings get tweaked; sometimes I experience the greatest of merriment;
>sometimes I think "Whew, I'm glad I'm not as dumb as they are!"; sometimes I
>think "People are so much smarter than me - this is clearly my first
>incarnation."; sometimes I think "Well, I whooped that snippy person but
>good with my witty retorts!"; sometimes I think "Dear God, if you love me
>and I promise never to giggle at a funeral again, please have that post I
>just sent to the list get lost forever in cyberspace."; sometimes I think
>"Now this post will truly show my brilliance and people will be blinded in
>awe by the light of my wisdom!"

My gosh, you're just like the rest of us!  I thought you were special, Kym.
Actually, you've got spunk, lady.

>And then someone will say "We need to quit being so self-centered - that is
>what T/theosophy is all about."  And then I think. . "Oh, bummer.  Well,
>what the avitchi am I supposed to write and do now?"

Do whatever you want to do.  In our growing process, we modify some things,
stop doing some things, and start new ways of doing things.  It's got to
come naturally, though.  Otherwise, you'll be a neurotic freak.  I used to
love joking in an insulting way, directed at the person in front of me.  If
you ever lived in the rude and brusque northeastern cities, you'll
understand what I mean.  In fact, there's a game on who can come up with
the wittiest insults.  The people usually laugh at the insults.  Those
northeasterners have a thick hide.  It is their way of dealing with the
pressures of their life.  However, I had to change my ways when I moved out
to California.  The easy-going Californians do not take your insults as a
joke.  They take it as insults.  IMO, they also have a rotten sense of
humor.  Instead of being sharp and edgy, they are relaxed and friendly.
Both have their good points.  Anyway, all I can recommend is that if doing
the same ole things do not bring pleasure for you anymore, then it's time
to change the routine.  Maybe it's time to open an Avitchi Pizza Parlor.

Thoa :o)

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