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Jun 15, 1998 10:22 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Dear Dallas:

>Glad to read your back and forth between my writing and
>Annette's -- more can now be added from my today's MSG to her.
>As to my name.  It is of Scottish origin.  A small town near
>Edinburgh from which my Mother's ancestors descend.  She was the
>grand daughter of George Mifflin Dallas who was Vice-president
>under Polk (Civil-war days).  Dallas in Texas (and some other
>towns) was named in his honor, and at the time was just a dusty
>cross road in the vast Texas plains with a few buildings
>scattered around.  So  ?

I'm interested in knowing about people, that's all.  Whenever I go into
someone's home, I look at the photographs.  Although they're not members of
my family, I still hold a fascination for them.  You don't have to answer
any of my questions if they're too personal.  You obviously have an
interesting life history.  At what point did your family line studied

Thoa :o)

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