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Turnips scream

Jun 14, 1998 07:28 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Kym  wrote, "Hmmm. . .maybe turnips don't scream. . .but then again,
maybe they do and we just can't hear them.  And if they actually do. .
.well. . .my only recourse is to go stark-raving mad. . .I can barely
walk on grass without feeling guilty about all the damage I am doing to
the inhabitants of such walked-upon grass."

You have posted the article, which describes Baxter's experiments, which
seem to show that the plants we may be tending at home or in our garden,
are like pets of the animal kind, in intimate association with the one
that cares for them.

I remember reading (can't give the reference, my hard disk crashed 3
years ago, and date stored therein was lost, among them what I now
relating, but cannot give reference for)  of an experiment that Olga
Worell the psychic healer (she did her work under the umbrella of a
church and it was called "prayer") unwittingly engaged in.  She was
asked to visit by a Catholic College group when she was in California,
and did so when she visited them.  They had glasshouses in which they
grew tomatoes, and had every 10th plant connected by electrodes to a
polygraph machine.  They had asked various people to collect a certain
number of tomatoes and had recorded the reactions, the to collection.
In most cases the plants seemed to show a state of coma when the person
entered to rob them of their fruit, taking about 14 minutes to recover
after the robbery.   But the polygraph recordings showed  an enhanced
life when Olga entered into the glasshouse.  Then purposely she was
called out, and talk ensued and she went back to complete the task a
little later on.  The tomatoes had GIVEN 10 fruit that she was to
collect, these were the best the ripest and were lying at the base of
the plants, falling they had not been damaged.

Do turnips scream?  Yes in most cases if not in a coma they must be
screaming.  Walking on grass, why not be grateful and thankful to the
grass, its wonderful color, with feel beneath our bare feet (better
shoes off), and with the dew on it in the early morning if possible.
Feel the lovely feeling when we lie upon it.  Our enjoyment and our
GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS,  it is about the only payment we can really
be giving to nature, and the vegetable or animal kingdoms for the food
on our plates.

Is it not why every religion and many tribal societies have a sort of
prayer-the Christians called "Saying Grace,"  before mealtime.  It is to
remember the chain of the 4 elements which have contributed to the
growth and development of the plant,  to the genetic material which
produced that particular kind of fruit or vegetable or grain, to the
collectivity of Nature which went into the food before us.  The money
exchange we made at the store, is for the work and investment of money
that people have put into food production.
What about the concatenation of beings and forces which have worked
silently and for the most part unnoticed to make  these foods.  Our
purses and bank cards are empty.  The LOVE,  the GRATITUDE, the
THANKFULNESS in our heart and mind, is the only credit we have, and can

Among the Zoroastrain Gathas there are some very moving and wonderful,
statements giving a clue to this aspect of things.

So walk, enjoy and revel in the grass,  even when and if you have to
harvest food,  but let you heart be loving.   Revel in the beauty of
form and color of the flower and the sunset, feel blessed and try to
give of BLESSEDNESS back to them.   Shall I now,   having written the
above, say with my LOVE  (I usually, as you may have notice, do not end
this way!) but today it my be appropriate,      Sophia

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