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"Humans Being"

Jun 14, 1998 02:52 PM
by Kym Smith

Thoa wrote to Dallas:

>Kym is doing fine the way she is.  She does not need any directing in how
>she should write.  I enjoyed her posts immensely.  She's one of the people
>whose posts I go directly to when they're up.

I appreciate your words, Thoa.  In the "Big Picture" sphere, it is inspiring
and courageous for someone to stand up for something they believe in or,
conversely, to battle against an injustice.  In the "Personal" theatre, I
felt affirmed and valued after reading your post.

In addition, as I believe you noted in further postings, Dallas responded to
your post gracefully, quickly, and sincerely.  That, too, is quite commendable.

As far as my reaction to Dallas' (and other folks) posts to me - sometimes
my feelings get tweaked; sometimes I experience the greatest of merriment;
sometimes I think "Whew, I'm glad I'm not as dumb as they are!"; sometimes I
think "People are so much smarter than me - this is clearly my first
incarnation."; sometimes I think "Well, I whooped that snippy person but
good with my witty retorts!"; sometimes I think "Dear God, if you love me
and I promise never to giggle at a funeral again, please have that post I
just sent to the list get lost forever in cyberspace."; sometimes I think
"Now this post will truly show my brilliance and people will be blinded in
awe by the light of my wisdom!"

And then someone will say "We need to quit being so self-centered - that is
what T/theosophy is all about."  And then I think. . "Oh, bummer.  Well,
what the avitchi am I supposed to write and do now?"


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