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Alan's challenge

Jun 14, 1998 07:53 AM
by Pam Giese

Alan writes:
> All of us on the lists spend a great deal of time in discussion and
> Very few seem to have (I hope I am wrong) direct experience of the
> things we debate.  I have related short versions of just two of my own
> experiences.  Why don't we all try to share what we know and have
> found (as we see it) and quote "sources" a damn sight less often.
I hope you're wrong to.  Seeing our own lives in terms of theosophy or
mysticism or shamanism requires leaving the comfort as an "armchair
occultist and leading a magical life.  I've tried to do this for years and
now things just kind of come.  For example, this past week I found myself
losing interest in my current reading material. I spent some time thinking
about Paschal Beverly Randolph and how I'd like to read something of his,
first hand.  Yesterday I drove past a rather dumpy looking garage sale with
just piles of boxes stacked on tables.  I got the feeling to stop.  So I
did.  In a box filled with abridged bibles and what not, I found Randolph's
Eulis, Alice Bailey's White Magic, and a AMORC and astrology book!  I
offered the owner $5 for the books and a couple dishes and he thought I was
overpaying!  This is about the fourth time I've "asked for" and go books
this way.  Once I even asked and received by title!  But this is just a
little thing.  It's just a simple example of "ask and it shall be given".

In "Light on the Path", it says "ask and you shall have, but you have to
know how to ask".  Asking for me, means using my whole being.  It's
one-pointedness but beyond one-pointedness because it's harnessing a part
of me that extends beyond by ego/mind.  I can feel something "move" deep
within the center of my self as I "place" the request outside myself and
then let go and any anxiety about the outcome.  I gave an example of books,
but jobs, inspiration, strength, and wisdom seem to come in the same way.
I have an awareness of energies that "receive" these requests.  In lucid
dreams, I can "physically"  "put things on the table" and converse with the
one or two "people" who fulfill these requests and guide me.  Now are these
guides Masters?  It feels pretentious to say "yes", so I hestiate to do so,
even though it does seem to fit with some of the working definitions that
people use.


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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