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Re: Alan's challenge

Jun 14, 1998 07:43 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Pam Giese <> writes
>This is about the fourth time I've "asked for" and go books
>this way.  Once I even asked and received by title!  But this is just a
>little thing.  It's just a simple example of "ask and it shall be given".
>In "Light on the Path", it says "ask and you shall have, but you have to
>know how to ask".  Asking for me, means using my whole being.  It's
>one-pointedness but beyond one-pointedness because it's harnessing a part
>of me that extends beyond by ego/mind.  I can feel something "move" deep
>within the center of my self as I "place" the request outside myself and
>then let go and any anxiety about the outcome.  I gave an example of books,
>but jobs, inspiration, strength, and wisdom seem to come in the same way.
>I have an awareness of energies that "receive" these requests.

Now *this* is real stuff!  I have experienced, in my own way, the very
same things.  My favorite example is from when I was writing my Essay
"The Nazarenes" (See website).  None of the source books on the
discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls were to be found.  I asked, like you
say, and within the week had the lot - including a spare to give to a
friend.  I've looked in the bookshops since, and none of them can be

Alan :-)

P.S.  I copy some of my posts to ti-l, so I see you are getting annoying
messages telling you you are not subscribed to it.  If you want to be, I
will subscribe you.  Otherwise edit the mail header before sending (if
you can).

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