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Re: Re: HPB ==A Protest by Dallas TenBroeck

Jun 14, 1998 07:34 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell


The URL address you gave is correct and
should lead you directly to Paul Johnson's
reply to my HOUSE OF CARDS critique.

Or try going to

This is David Lane's Home page.  Then go
down the page to the fifth point and look
for "Theosophy and Its Discontents".

He is moving his website to a new URL:
But this website was not working for me
this morning.

Daniel Caldwell wrote:
> In a message dated 98-06-02 13:20:12 EDT, you write:
> <<]
>   >>
> I cannot locate this website on my AOL search engine. Is there some other way
> for me to get at it?
> Thanks

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