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Re: Future Vegetarians

Jun 14, 1998 06:26 PM
by Darren Porter

Bart Wrote:>
>	It depends on why you don't eat meat. Generally, for most reasons for
>not eating meat, the answer is self-evident.
>	For example, if one does not eat meat for health reasons, then the
>answer is obviously "no". If one does not eat meat to avoid harming
>animals, then the answer is obviously "yes".

I stopped eating red meat after reading 'Beyond Beef' , a book I thoroughly
recommend (can't think of the author though), and before I became a
practising buddhist. I still love the taste of meat and If it could be
grown without killing an animal I would eat it (although I must say
sometimes now, the site of a bloody steak makes my stomach turn over). But
the Hindus have a word - 'ojas' that implies a spirit of nutrition in fresh
natural foods - and I'm more concerned over whether artifical meat would
contain 'ojas'.


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