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Re: -- Atlantis Peak? How about Alens, UFOs, NDE,

Jun 14, 1998 06:27 PM
by Darren Porter

I did not write this, I think It could have been Dallas!!!!



At 07:56 PM 6/12/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Darren wrote : --
>">>So while van Danegan has brought together pictures and=20
>artifacts>>that apparently show "astronauts" of the past,=85=85"=20
>If I am not mistaken you mean Erick von Daniken, who wrote, "Gods from=20
>Outer Space," "The Gold of the Gods,"  "According to Evidence," and "In=20
>Search of Ancient Gods."   My comment on these books all of which I have=20
>read years ago is,  the FACTS are very interesting where verified=20
>(though doubt has been caste on some of them),  but his conclusions, =20
>need not be accepted, there are alternative explanations which may be=20
>tried.		Sophia
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