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Cups in Trees

Jun 14, 1998 06:14 PM
by Darren Porter

Dallas Wrote:
>To further illustrate this there is the "phenomena" of the
>production of an extra tea-cup and saucer from beneath the roots
>of a tree when HOP was on a picnic far away from the bazaars of
>Simla -- it was quite wonderful to have this happen and as the
>story goes some remained quite skeptical in spite of the fact
>that the tree roots grew in an around those objects and through
>the handle of the cup, and also the selection of the picnic spot
>had been random.

When I was very young I was on a camp and we had gone for a bushwalk. I, as
usual, strayed from the path with a friend. We were in a deep thicket when
my friend said something to scare me from a film we had just seen. Being
only 5 or 6 I ran behind a large tree and lo and behold within the hollowed
root area of this tree in the middle of the bush was a complete set of tea
cups and saucers. They were unusual in design, but very clean and laid out
neatly. We went to tell our teacher but she didn't believe us (or care).
I'm not sure if i've conveyed the strangeness of the episode - but I'd
forgotten it until I read the above and when I think of it now it still
seems weird.

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