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Re: HPB's "Umtruths"

Jun 13, 1998 01:20 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Sophia TenBroeck <> writes
> Incidentally in this book and in another whose title I have forgotten
>he warns very seriously about the need of protection for the unwary,
>curiosity seeker, and psychic dabbler,  who might at first be beguiled
>by the sweet nothingnesses  uttered or written, then gradually be taken
>over by other guides or entities, until unspeakably vile words,
>writings, and thoughts possess the trespasser, medium (today it would be
>the channeler) who has no way to control them, until he/she nearly goes
>mad (sometimes actual madness, may be multiple personalities might be
>the result).  He documents cases in which he had to try and intervene to
>help and clear up such possessions, sometimes successfully other times
>not. *

Most are protected by their own incompetence, or their lack of psychic
ability, or both.  For the fanatic, though, the risks are very real.  No
responsible occultist would write such "how to" books.  If a genuine
seeker can figure it out for him/herself (which is possible) they will
probably be made aware of the risks at the same time.

Alan's .02 worth
Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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