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Re: HPB's "Umtruths"

Jun 13, 1998 05:22 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 13th 1998

Dear Sophia:

Excellent postings.   Very helpful to us all.

Multiple Appearances in Mayavi Rupa by Adepts.

Apollonius of Tyanna:  ISIS II 597, also I 486,  II 97, 118, 344

10 Items of Oriental Psychology are in ISIS II p. 587-9 [ finger
slipped ? ]

Vegetable Karma and Karma of all -- excellent.

Much appreciated          Dallas

> Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 8:07 PM
> From: "Sophia TenBroeck" <>
> Subject: HPB's "Umtruths"

>The Master's appearing-and others--in different places where
they seem
>to have no historical authenticity to be.
>There quite a few books on psychic phenomena and ESP which have
>dealing with Astral travel or OBE (Out of body experiences).
>speak of an apparition of a person appearing to another at a
>while their physical remained miles away.  One such book is
>Sherman's "How To Make ESP Work for You." * In chapter VIII he
>with some well authenticated cases.  Harold Sherman also wrote
"You Live
>After Death,"  "Your Power To Heal" and "The Dead Are Alive," >
>In SD or Isis, HPB in speaking of the Life of Appolonius of
Tyana, says             [  IT IS IN ISIS ]
>that sometimes he appeared to his
disciples-teaching-simultaneously in
>many places-while his body of course remained only in one.
There was a
>purpose to this of teaching and instruction, and evidently
>knew the hidden laws and could control his travels in the Astral
>at WILL.

ISIS Vol. 2, p. 587 onward -- a most valuable summary on the
Astral and the Psychic nature in man and the World -- solves many
questions.    Dallas

>"9th.  One phase of magical skill is the voluntary and conscious
>withdrawal of the inner man (astral form) from the outer man
>body).  In the cases of some mediums withdrawal occurs, but it
>unconscious and involuntary.  With the latter the body is more
of less
>cataleptic at such times;  but with the adept the absence of the
>form would not be noticed, for the physical senses are alert,
and the
>individual appears only as though in a fit of abstraction-'brown
>as some call it."  [the 9th of 10 Items of Oriental Psychology,
>provided by H.PB  in ISIS UNVEILED, Vol. II p. 258 et seq.]
>Why could the Masters, with HPB, and anyone else needed on the
>not appear anywhere in the world?   How would  this make HPB
"untrue" in
>reporting without particularly mentioning that the appearance
was an
>apparitional one.
>Just what I consider a legitimate speculation, on available
>Fraternally,     Sophia
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