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HPB's "Umtruths"

Jun 12, 1998 07:48 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

The Master's appearing-and others--in different places where they seem
to have no historical authenticity to be.

There quite a few books on psychic phenomena and ESP which have sections
dealing with Astral travel or OBE (Out of body experiences).  These
speak of an apparition of a person appearing to another at a distance,
while their physical remained miles away.  One such book is Harold
Sherman's "How To Make ESP Work for You." * In chapter VIII he deals
with some well authenticated cases.  Harold Sherman also wrote "You Live
After Death,"  "Your Power To Heal" and "The Dead Are Alive," and some
more titles which I forget.

 Incidentally in this book and in another whose title I have forgotten
he warns very seriously about the need of protection for the unwary,
curiosity seeker, and psychic dabbler,  who might at first be beguiled
by the sweet nothingnesses  uttered or written, then gradually be taken
over by other guides or entities, until unspeakably vile words,
writings, and thoughts possess the trespasser, medium (today it would be
the channeler) who has no way to control them, until he/she nearly goes
mad (sometimes actual madness, may be multiple personalities might be
the result).  He documents cases in which he had to try and intervene to
help and clear up such possessions, sometimes successfully other times
not. *

In SD or Isis, HPB in speaking of the Life of Appolonius of Tyana, says
that sometimes he appeared to his disciples-teaching-simultaneously in
many places-while his body of course remained only in one.  There was a
purpose to this of teaching and instruction, and evidently Appolonius
knew the hidden laws and could control his travels in the Astral world
at WILL.

"9th.  One phase of magical skill is the voluntary and conscious
withdrawal of the inner man (astral form) from the outer man (physical
body).  In the cases of some mediums withdrawal occurs, but it is
unconscious and involuntary.  With the latter the body is more of less
cataleptic at such times;  but with the adept the absence of the astral
form would not be noticed, for the physical senses are alert, and the
individual appears only as though in a fit of abstraction-'brown study,'
as some call it."  [the 9th of 10 Items of Oriental Psychology,
provided by H.PB  in ISIS UNVEILED, Vol. II p. 258 et seq.]

Why could the Masters, with HPB, and anyone else needed on the occasion
not appear anywhere in the world?   How would  this make HPB "untrue" in
reporting without particularly mentioning that the appearance was an
apparitional one.

Just what I consider a legitimate speculation, on available data.
Fraternally,     Sophia

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