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Re: Internet & Theosophy

Jun 12, 1998 10:13 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Sophia:

As a general rule older generation is less likely to use Internet. But that
is not the case with those already on the lists. Recently I convinced a
friend of mine who is in late 60s to get on Internet and he loves it. His
sister who is about 10 years older than her is now on webtv and she loves it.


At 07:44 PM 6/12/1998 PDT, you wrote:
>First Darren and then Doss, wrote : --
>">>I've offered a course "The Internet and Theosophy :  A beginners
>guide  from>>HPB to HPC, but the lodge doesn't seem to interested. They
>find my>>enthusiasm amusing for some reason.
>>Your course interests me. BTW, did you get any indication why the lodge
>is>not interested? How old are the key/active members?		 >mkr"
>Sophia  is 69 and my brother Dallas is 76.  We are old fogies!  Right?
>The soul is not of the age of the body, you must look for other
>What is HPC?   And "lodge"  is a general reference, meaning little.
>There are so many groups, and all get tarred with the generalized word
>"lodge."   This is unfair.
>Fraternally,  Sophia
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