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Re: Future Vegetarians

Jun 12, 1998 10:14 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Pam Giese wrote:
> Analyzer?  What proof can you give that such a device exists?
> I design data bases and computer systems to support a company engaged in
> genetic engineering of corn and soybeans and I have never seen or heard of
> such a device outside of Star Trek( i.e. their replicator).

	Actually, the device is certainly possible in theory. Interestingly
enough, James Randi just announced that there is going to be a
conference for the James Randi Educational Foundation, where there will
be lectures on strange but possible sciences, including talks on

	With the current speed of technological development, yesterday's
fiction is today's science. To discount technology merely because it has
not yet been developed is to put society in a world of trouble. Take,
for example, the "Baby 'M'" case of a few years back. The case should
not have even gone to court, but the technology was there and in use
before anybody thought about the ethical implications.

	Bart Lidofsky

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