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Re: To All A Good Night

Jun 12, 1998 11:23 AM
by Brenda S Tucker


On p. 330-331 of the SD Vol II, HPB says, "If the observer is gifted with
the faintest intuition, then will he find how the weal and woe of nations
is intimately connected with the beginning and close of this sidereal
cycle." A sidereal year is 25,868 years. HPB intimates that 10,000 years
ago a major cataclysm occurred.  And in addition, "... since Vaivasvata
Manu's Humanity appeared on this Earth, there have already been four such
axial disturbances; when the old continents - save the first one - were
sucked in by the oceans, other lands appeared, and huge mountain chains
arose where there had been none before."  The axial disturance she speaks
of is connected with the sidereal year because "Every Sidereal Year the
tropics recede from the pole FOUR DEGREES in each revolution from the
equinoctial points, as the equator rounds through the Zodiacal
constellations." Since we are at a point 10,000 years since the last great
cataclysm (?) it could be predicted that the next will occur in 16,000
years.  According to the shift of 4 degrees, the tropic is currently at "23
degrees and a fraction less than half a degree" and still has "2 1/2
degrees to run before the end of the Sidereal Year."

I tend to think this Vaivasvata Manu man is the fourth race because on p.
148  she speaks of it as "the male and female entity already separated into
distinct sexes" as being present 18,000,000 years ago and as the 2 1/2
races before that covering 300,000,000 years (or so). This might refer to a
fourth race man which would largely be extinct today as the typical race
length is 18,000,000 years with an overlap of 9,000,000 years, and the
fifth race beginning 9,000,000 years ago and having 9,000,000 years left to
exist (overlapping now with the sixth race as our sixth sub-race is a
preliminary step to the beginning of the sixth race which I have read will
be in about 400,000 years.).

In any case, I had thought that astrologically we were entering a new
Sidereal Year, the Aquarian at this time and if this is the case in 16,000
years we will not be beginning a new Sidereal Cycle.

Now if there have been four over the last 18,000,000 years, a cycle of
25,868 years is nullified, because it would take at least 25,868 times 12 =
258,680 plus 51,736 = 310,416 (if I'm correct) and even this figure is
dwarfed by 18,000,000. Perhaps in 10 complete Sidereal Cycles we have
3,104,160 years times four = 12,416,640.  This leaves a remainder of 5.5
million years with no cataclysms which could have split between the
beginning and end of the cycles, hence 2.2 million years since the last
cataclysm would bring another cataclysm in less than 1 million years.  This
is soon enough for me, but I can't figure it to be the beginning of a
Sidereal Year.  Even if we accept a year times 12 as a cycle we would pass
through 3 (12-fold cycles) in 931,248 years and end up somewhere in
Sagitarius.  I don't call that the beginning of a Cycle, do you?

Again, from the SD Vol II, p. 435 "Now our Fifth Root-Race has already been
in existence - as a race sui generis and quite free from its parent stem -
about 1,000,000 years; and that each of its four preceding Sub-Races has
lived approximately 210,000 years;" If this is the case, there could
possibly have been a cataclysm to mark the end of each of those sub-races
(for the purpose of disposing of the fourth root race primarily, I would
think.  If there is a more accurate time allotment, maybe on page 433
(which is footnoted to help explain the preceding) Vol. II, she remarks
that the giant Atlanteams perished 850,000 years ago and the last island of
Atlantis disappeared 11,000 years ago.

Maybe we are to infer that an island will go down every 25,000 years! with
the next set for the year 19,000  (which can be spread out to make 12 (the
highest month) adding 22 (or 31 and 13 give the same total) and the year of
12 (add 2 + 4 + 3 = 9) whereby all of the digits after the initial 1 are
added together to make 9.  In 17,000 years from now we can get rid of some
5th race human bodies - earth gets an abortion.

My question is why does HPB claim that the tropic is moving towards the
equator and corresponding away from the pole at the rate of four degrees a
"revolution?" And if it has 2 1/2 degrees to go, someday the tropic of 23
1/2 will become 21.  What did the tropic start at?  Perhaps it vacilitates
between 21 and 25?  Any comments?

>My son (5), has been asking me about death lately and I have been
>explaining to him the concept of re-incarnation. He gets it very easily as
>he hasn't been pre-doctrinated into anything yet. I don't talk about
>impending apocalypses with him.
>I gravitate personally to the Mayan End date of 22nd December 2012. But I
>also don't think this is the end. It will be just another earth-change,
>possibly caused by a pole shift due to the unequal freezing of the ice caps
>(Albert Einstein was a proponent of this theory).
>Terrence Mckenna has an excellent theory based on the I'Ching and fractal
>mathematics. He has calaculated an equation based on the I'Ching called
>Timewave Zero. He says the eschaton will occur in 22/12/2012 (god enters
>history) and that our history is the shockwave of this event. The wave
>represents NOVELTY, as we approach the date Novelty will increase
>For more info
>If anyone does take the time to examine this theory fully I would be
>grateful for a theosophical interpretation.
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