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Re: Future Vegetarians/genetic engineering

Jun 12, 1998 11:35 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

>This brings me to a question.  Is it ethical to clone humans, but
>maintaining only the lower brain function for the preservation of the body,
>for body parts?  If you could see nothing wrong with genetically engineered
>meat, then why would you object to cloned body parts?  My main argument is
>that there is a major difference between the two process.  A mass of meat
>had its potential as a mass of meat and could not be anything more than a
>mass of meat.  A human clone, however, started out from conception as a
>potential full human.  It is only by harmful manipulation that its brain
>did not develop.  Do you only cherish a life's present existence, or do you
>also cherish its potential?  I suppose that's why some people eliminate
>eating eggs along with eating anything crawling and alive.
>Thoa :o)


Does the person in need of organs have 20 years to wait while a vegetative
infant lies prone - not moving of its own accord, unconscious and requiring
manipulation to prevent atrophy?  And would the organs be healthy?

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