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Re: To All A Good Night

Jun 11, 1998 06:47 PM
by Darren Porter

Kym Wrote:
>How do people with children (as I glean from e-mails that you are a father,
>Darren) feel after uttering such a statement as "I think humanity will
>collectively ascend on that date. . .etc.?"  I also wonder what children
>think when they hear their parents, friends, teachers, media, etc., express
>such sentiment.  I do think such subjects should be researched and discussed
>and that children should not be exempt from such information - but I wonder
>what it does to both the adult and child psyche (not to mention the
>construction of some "jump back, Jack!" thought-forms) when a human mind
>believes the "end is near."

My son (5), has been asking me about death lately and I have been
explaining to him the concept of re-incarnation. He gets it very easily as
he hasn't been pre-doctrinated into anything yet. I don't talk about
impending apocalypses with him.
I gravitate personally to the Mayan End date of 22nd December 2012. But I
also don't think this is the end. It will be just another earth-change,
possibly caused by a pole shift due to the unequal freezing of the ice caps
(Albert Einstein was a proponent of this theory).
Terrence Mckenna has an excellent theory based on the I'Ching and fractal
mathematics. He has calaculated an equation based on the I'Ching called
Timewave Zero. He says the eschaton will occur in 22/12/2012 (god enters
history) and that our history is the shockwave of this event. The wave
represents NOVELTY, as we approach the date Novelty will increase
For more info

If anyone does take the time to examine this theory fully I would be
grateful for a theosophical interpretation.



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