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Re: ICQ Theosophy Group

Jun 11, 1998 03:47 PM
by Bee Brown

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:17:28 +0900, you wrote:

>The ICQ group is proving to be a headache due to Mirabilis' =
incompetence. I
>have created a page called 'Theosophy' that is to list any ICQ user that
>wishes to register so others may contact them and have included links, =
>etc. However for some bizarre reason it doesn't seem to exist on the ICQ
>server. I keep getting OLE OCDB errors and the time delays in fixing
>anything are enormous. So at this point in time I recommend that anyone
>interested just uses the ICQ net-detect client and that we each pass =
>our ICQ #'s as has been the case in the past few days. Eventually in the
>future I will look at setting up the list page again. If anyone else =
>like to try please feel free as It may just be something on my PC (or =
>my ineptitude) that is causing the problems.
>Curent ICQ members:
>NOS (me - Darren) - 12448929
>Thoa		   - 13809746
>Eldon		   - 8244261
>Pam 		   - 9274727
>Dallas		   - 13760916
Bee                           4291138

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