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Re: -- Atlantis Peak? How about Alens, UFOs, NDE, "Possession ?"

Jun 08, 1998 10:23 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 8th 1998

Dallas offers:

If aliens visit the earth there ought to be some Karmic

We all tend to view these things materially -- as that is our
present environment.  However Karma, which is the vast law of
evolution that covers the Universe, our world, and ourselves, as
well as the "life-atoms" and harmonizes all, ought to be appealed
to for some reasonable explanation.

However, and again, the mind which is in effect intra-dimensional
(using imagination and fancy as tools, as well as observation and
several kinds of "perception" on other planes -- like dreams,
channeling, fancies, etc...) is apparently the one aspect of
"ourselves" that is a constant.  Better still, Patanjali called
it the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the "Real Man" inside each of

Karma eliminates physical visitations of entities from Mars,
Venus, or extra-terrestrial planets, etc... unless there is a
karmic link with specific individuals on Earth, and for a
specific purpose.  If so, then there would be no possibility of
casual or "by chance" witnessing either their approach, work or
departure.  Nor would they be specially interested in making
contact with any individual.  I realize this will not be a
popular view with many science-fiction addicts (and I am one) or
the Ufologists (and I also follow this as closely as I can).

[ Incidentally, and relative to another string we have been
following.  why should the "Masters of Wisdom" be specifically
interested in any of us, because we are curious about hem and
their powers ?  Have we merited such attention?  What have we
done that improves the condition of the earth that they need
spend any time at all on us and our personal affairs ?  -- I ask
this not to be derisive, or sarcastic, but to give proportion to
the questions that occasionally fly around. ]

Now what has Theosophy to say on the subject of UFOs and
"visitation,"  "contacts with extra-terrestrials, and possession"
etc. ?
I ask myself.  And in seeking for some explanation I notice that
among the doctrines of Theosophy are those relative to the
"Astral Plane" which is said to contain a number of types of
inhabitants.  To go into a listing would be exhausting, as they
are covered in ISIS UNVEILED and also in THE OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY
(Chapters 16 and 17).  I write of a few below.

Apparently there are Astral plane entities may manifest
themselves when they encounter a person whose psychic nature is
sensitive to them.  Also they are affected by certain other
cyclic and personal psychic or physiological factors. Generally
we are rarely sensitive to asto-psychic entities (except when we
have a nightmare, or some horrifying dream-experience) .

But these "beings" do not come from outside our Earth, but are in
fact a part of it, being the images that mankind has created and
fixed there in the "astral Light" that surrounds us all and
interpenetrates the Earth.  Among its denizens are the "shells"
of dead persons, the "kama-rupas" and to this should be added
"nature spirits" of various kinds (known in the past as gnomes,
sylphs, salamanders, undines, fairies, "little people," etc...).

Also, to be included are the Kama-rupic remains of people who
recently died or of those who led a very passionate and
dissipated life such as incubi, succubae, vampires, lycanthropes,
etc.  Among these are the coherent Kama-rupas remains of those
who died in the grip of some overwhelming passion, fear, or
anger.  Some of these are the "astral shells" of suicides, the
murdered, victims of accidents, and executed criminals seeking
revenge.  Some of these are also said to be "black magicians" --
of various degrees of power -- by nature vicious, cruel and
intensely selfish and always seeking to drag the unwary into
their 'clutches' as more fuel to feed their pride, and a craving
for domination and control.

Sometimes the effect of such contact results, in a person with
weak grasp over their own personality, to be supplanted, shoved
aside, or "possessed" by the stronger "Personality" of a
"visitor -- announced or unannounced."

The phenomenon of "multiple personalities" may have its roots in
this condition of weakness of control or of passivity.  It may be
temporary and occur at various times, or it may even be permanent
and the real tenant of the personality is shoved out for the
present incarnation.  But the intelligence that these entities
represent is rarely of any benefit to the subject that is
"possessed," or who "witnesses" these beings.

Much of this, as I said, is described in the pages of ISIS
UNVEILED, and allusions are made to various aspects of these
teachings in articles that HPB wrote.  [  A list can be made
available, if desired. ]

So while van Danegan has brought together pictures and artifacts
that apparently show "astronauts" of the past, why not also
consider that civilizations constantly revolve, and that even
today, the in- habitants of isolated societies, meeting or seeing
Europeans, airplanes, steam boats, cars, trains, etc... which
were/are entirely new to them, have carved in bone, stone and
wood the likeness of what they have seen.  Myth and rumor has it
that when we were in Atlantean bodies we had a civilization that
outshone the present in terms of material achievement -- so why
not space travel and airplanes then -- reputed to work on
anti-gravity (shades of Tesla and Keeley) , and weaponry that
employed the Sun for motive power and energy (Lasers)

Who built the Pyramids, carved the Sphinx, laid the floor of
Baalbec, built Tiahuanaco, Macchu Piccu, and other incredible
things;  like roads that vanish into the ocean at many sites,
particularly in the Islands of the South East Pacific.

A census of ancient and unexplained monuments ought to be taken.
Recently in San Diego a book written by several students of
archaeology appeared it is some 1700 pages long and was issued
concerning artifacts that museums and the archaeological
departments of several Universities retain in their depositories
because they cannot account for the anomalies found in them under
the present generally accepted theories of evolution.  Read the
books of Charles Fort and of Emmanuel Velikovsky if you would
like to acquaint yourself with more anomalies.

I do not know how to account for the enormous pictures outlined
in stone rows on the Nasca plateau.  Nor can I account for the
"lay-lines" that are said to unify ancient Druid sites of power
in England, and Britany, or, the placement of the Pyramids and
other temples on the Giza plateau and around Cairo (which appear
to be representations of the main Stars to be seen in Orion and
the two "Dogs" at a period of about 13,000 years ago in time).
But there are those who have worked on those things and seem to
have derived possible evidence linking them with earlier
planetary, lunar and solar settings at a remote period of
Zodiacal time.

This is an interesting thread to follow, and perhaps there is
much more to add to this than HPB and we have assembled so far.

Best wishes to all,        Dallas

> Date: Sunday, June 07, 1998 7:01 AM
> From: "Darren Porter" <>
> Subject: Re: Atlantis Peak Maybe?

>The ancient astronauts do not necessarily need to be aliens from
>planet. They could be hyperdimensional beings (ascended masters
?), time
>travellers, angels, the list is endless?
>The question is have they been beneficial or malicious to

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