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The Internet, Now & Forever

Jun 08, 1998 06:48 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-06-08 05:28:29 EDT, Annette writes:

<< Too much energy is spent on refining  the words, manipulating the words,
stuffing ourselves with words. Too much energy is spent on strategy of reading
body language, modifying and explaining. Posturing, weaving and ducking.
Avoiding the truth. There's just too much darn dogma and dominance afoot! The
challenge of the Net is to see and hear beyond the words.   >>

Very well put. I agree. Keep the Internet FREE and this list FREE. This is not
a ULT Lodge, orthodox and heavily moderated. We don't want anyone standing
over us with a ruler and smacking our fingers if we go outside the range of
"approved" notions of theosophy! Let there be free expression and a free
exchange of ideas. The parameters of theosophy are wide and all-encompassing,
so the discussion will range over dozens of topics and themes. And why not?

The Internet is the last outpost of freedom. Governments, in varying degrees
and for obvious reasons, hate it! Ideologues, left and right, hate it! But I
say "Long live the Internet!"


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