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Re: thought or intuition?

Jun 08, 1998 07:42 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 8th

Dear Pam:

Well I did not do much more than stringing several good
"quotations" together without the quotation marks.  The way in
which the comments that I read were phrased appeared valuable to
me, so I put them down and cannot take much credit for using them
as "my own."  "Thus have I heard .............."            Dal.



>> From: "Dallas TenBroeck" <>
>>     Re:  Intuition
>> Dallas offers:
>> If we carefully examine our lives and thoughts we will soon
>> that we are the immortal and CHANGELESS THINKER.  We witness
>> passing scene as we might a play in which we participate --
>> acts are the changing expressions of other conscious beings,
>> of our own consciousness. We can penetrate beyond and  all
>> appearances to the core, the essence of the spiritual nature
>> any being, be it an "atom," a human, or a solar system.  It is
>> sense that probes the reason for its existence, for its
>> and for our present relation to it.   It assumes that the same
>> Laws pertain to it as to ourselves and that there is a uniform
>> balance, a dynamic harmony in nature which adjusts apparent
>> disparities.
>> Let us start with the idea that everything we see (externally)
>> the expression of an interior Spiritual presence.  All
>> expressions are then from "within-outward." Our "inner sight"
>> gives us access to anything in nature, a full comprehension of
>> its value and purpose.  it is not a reasoning from premises to
>> conclusions but a direct and instantaneous cognition of all
>> facts and factors as well as their contingent expressions on
>> the planes of being.
>> To perfect this divine faculty the aspirant can be neither
>> attached to , nor disturbed by external stimuli or desires of
>> kind.  He applies a knowledge of what living the higher life
>> implies.  A Master of Wisdom once wrote:  "The more
>> one works for his fellow men, and divests himself of the
>> illusionary sense of personal isolation, the more he is free
>> Maya (illusion), and the nearer he approaches Divinity."
>> In all Theosophic teaching there is an endeavor to raise the
>> intuition by presenting universal principles, processes and
>> analogies.  If those are recognized and applied each one can
>> secure consistent answers to his questions.  "As above, so
>> below."
>What a wonderfully written summary!  Thank you very much.
>"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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