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Re: Re: Internet & Theosophy

Jun 08, 1998 08:15 AM
by Darren Porter

MKR  wrote:
>This is the usual problem seen with the population which grew up in
>pre-computer age. The future belongs to the current generation which is
>growing up in the Internet age. Students in middle school are setting up
>web pages and elementary school students are able to navigate Internet.
>Anti-Internet older population will be run over soon in the next few years.

Speaking further on matters technological and wondrous -
I have created a Theosophy group on the ICQ service. For any ICQ users this
will give a further means of communication to discuss Theosophy or as more
of a personal communicator between members. The group page has no info as
yet, but if anyone with links would like to e-mail them to me direct I will
add them. Other groups available on the following page may also be of
interest. It is interesting to see that under the Topic 'Spiritual,
Religious & Persuasion' the largest denomination by far is the Wiccans,
Eastern philosophies fall way behind:,~Religious~and~Pers

If you don't use ICQ it is worth a look. It enables instantaneous online
communication and has many other useful features. No I don't work for
* Page me online through my Personal Communication Center:
* Send me E-mail Express directly to my
computer screen
For downloading ICQ at

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