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Re: thought or intuition?

Jun 08, 1998 06:45 PM
by Pam Giese

No need to apologize, Dallas.  Having spent most of my career steeped in
the area of R&D, I recognize the value of scholastic reference, but.....

I wonder sometimes, how many of us of recent generations can have truly
original thoughts.  I spent much  of my childhood in front of a TV screen.
My mother would turn on the PBS channel and tell us "shut up and watch,
I've got work to do" (I wasn't raised in the most enlightened of
households).  So I watched, and I learned all sorts of things about history
and philosophy that I would never have learnt in my public school system.
Through TV, radio, books, internet, I've been exposed to more divergent
thoughts and ideas than I can even remember.  I suspect that I am more
alike my baby-boomer peers than dissimilar.

So it is, as long as I can remember, I've lived with the knowledge that
I've forgotten more than I know.  Sometimes I fancy that this notion comes
from an awareness of past incarnations, but more likely, it's the
recognition that my mind has still quite not assimilated all the
information I've unwittedly sponged up through the years.

Last week, this list chided Deepak Chopra.  I've never heard him claim
personal revelations about anything --it's just good packaging and
marketing of ancient wisdom for the 1990's --and that itself has much
value.  When we're dealing with Truth, it's roots are old and the work of
the seeker is more discovering and recovering than creating.

I like the responses full of references --for those Mars in Aries types,
like myself, who can never take another's word for anything and have to
check it out ourselves, the references are great.  But even more so, I
enjoy the personal assimilation and personal presentation of these ideals.
It makes the knowing all the more enjoyable.



"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

> From: "Dallas TenBroeck" <>
> Subject: Re: thought or intuition?
> Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 9:42 AM
> June 8th
> Dear Pam:
> Well I did not do much more than stringing several good
> "quotations" together without the quotation marks.  The way in
> which the comments that I read were phrased appeared valuable to
> me, so I put them down and cannot take much credit for using them
> as "my own."  "Thus have I heard .............."            Dal.
> ==============================================
> -
> >> From: "Dallas TenBroeck" <>
> >>     Re:  Intuition
> >>
> >> Dallas offers:
> ><snip>
> >> If we carefully examine our lives and thoughts we will soon
> find
> >> that we are the immortal and CHANGELESS THINKER.  We witness
> the
> >> passing scene as we might a play in which we participate --
> the
> >> acts are the changing expressions of other conscious beings,
> and
> >> of our own consciousness. We can penetrate beyond and  all
> >> appearances to the core, the essence of the spiritual nature
> of
> >> any being, be it an "atom," a human, or a solar system.  It is
> a
> >> sense that probes the reason for its existence, for its
> presence,
> >> and for our present relation to it.   It assumes that the same
> >> Laws pertain to it as to ourselves and that there is a uniform
> >> balance, a dynamic harmony in nature which adjusts apparent
> >> disparities.
> >>
> >> Let us start with the idea that everything we see (externally)
> is
> >> the expression of an interior Spiritual presence.  All
> >> expressions are then from "within-outward." Our "inner sight"
> >> gives us access to anything in nature, a full comprehension of
> >> its value and purpose.  it is not a reasoning from premises to
> >> conclusions but a direct and instantaneous cognition of all
> the
> >> facts and factors as well as their contingent expressions on
> all
> >> the planes of being.
> >>
> >> To perfect this divine faculty the aspirant can be neither
> >> attached to , nor disturbed by external stimuli or desires of
> any
> >> kind.  He applies a knowledge of what living the higher life
> >> implies.  A Master of Wisdom once wrote:  "The more
> unselfishly
> >> one works for his fellow men, and divests himself of the
> >> illusionary sense of personal isolation, the more he is free
> from
> >> Maya (illusion), and the nearer he approaches Divinity."
> >>
> >> In all Theosophic teaching there is an endeavor to raise the
> >> intuition by presenting universal principles, processes and
> >> analogies.  If those are recognized and applied each one can
> >> secure consistent answers to his questions.  "As above, so
> >> below."
> >>
> >
> >Dallas,
> >What a wonderfully written summary!  Thank you very much.
> >
> >
> >
> >Pam
> >
> >
> >"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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