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Re: Holy folk on a mountain -- IS THAT LOCATION AVAILABLE ?

Jun 03, 1998 06:58 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 3rd 1998

Dear Brenda and friends:

You've got me beat and guessing.  What is "old Theosophy ?"

I always knew that it was the record of the ages -- but that's
already old -- so where and how the addition ?  If you mean last
Manvantara, then I think that's included -- at least the S D
would tend to make me think so.  I bet the Cosmocratores knew and
used it as the laws of emergence, then of consolidation, and then
finally of residence and resurrection.  The alchemists speak of
condensation, precipitation, amalgamation and sublimation -- so
that could be applied to the Kosmos, the "cosmos" our world, and
finally to ourselves ?  I think that would be pretty "old."  But
we are all Methuselahs in fact, even when we return as babies.

I always thought Theosophy was a series of propositions for us to
consider and adopt if we found that they were reasonable.

Something like:

Every one of us is an Immortal -- the body is assumed employed,
deployed and finally consummated.  The Spiritual Self oversees
constantly the process of mental and moral improvement.

Morals have a basis in Law and in fact.

Moral Law is Natural Law.

Evolution makes for Universal Rightness as well as Righteousness.

The "Fundamental unity of all Souls with the Universal Oversoul"
makes moral contagion possible through the subtle psychic medium
that we all share in.

The Spiritual Identity of all Beings makes Universal Brotherhood
the only possible path for a truth-seeking man or woman.

Sentiment often fails. Most religions fail in it.  Our Modern
Civilization frustrates it.  Emotionalism is no basis for the
Will, which can abolish all "temptations of the flesh," and,
finally, it is the Faith that can move any mountain, given time,
the necessity, and the Wisdom to do so.  "Self-confidence" is the
first step to that kind of Will.  [ That is confidence in the
SELF of ALL. ]

Theosophy teaches the scientific aspect and importance of
recognizing "sin."  Universal Law is a fact, it works in every
department of the Universe and of ourselves, and rigidly opposes
and avenges the commission of any "sin." It shows that the
free-will of 'man' is counterbalanced by the declaration of
Nature:  "Vengeance is mine, saith the LAW;  I will repay."  No
man is a "tool: of the Law's vengeance.'  To assume so is a sin
worse than ambition and self-righteousness.  "Blessed be the

The awful responsibility of the true Occultist extends down to
the last atom of substance.  It has never forbidden the asking of
the question:   "Am I my Brother's keeper ?"  And our brotherhood
demands that we assist and serve as best we can.

A brotherhood of humanity was established as a nucleus, to which
could accrete all those who desired to learn truth, about
themselves and about Nature.  It was established to make away
with every vestige of those dogmatic religions that are founded
on dead-letter interpretations and to teach people to believe in
One impersonal God;  to rely on his (man's) own powers;  to
consider himself his only Saviour;  to learn the infinitude of
occult psychological powers hidden within his own physical body;
to develop these powers with understanding;  and to give the
assurance of the immortality of his divine Spirit, and the
survival of his Soul -- to make everyone regard every other human
regardless of creed, color, race, or religion as a brother, and
to prove that the supreme Truths known to superior men (not gods)
are contained in the Wisdom of Antiquity.  Finally, to
demonstrate that there are no miracles, and never have been any;
that there can be nothing 'supernatural' in the Law-run Universe,
and that the only "god" on earth is man himself.

Justice is the Law, with a mighty sweep of never erring action.
Discrimination comes with Wisdom and that is both Mercy and

Finally that "the pure in heart see "God."  And this is a fact,
made possible through spiritual laws working in and through
matter, the psychic and the spiritual nature, when all are
united -- and in this vision our courage reaches beyond the
utmost stars.

Progress is made step by step and each step is gained by heroic
efforts.  'Try' is the battle cry taught by the Teacher to every
pupil.  He who does his best does all that can be asked.

These are some brief ideas culled from "old theosophy."  But to
me they seem quite new and very usable.



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