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Re: Holy folk on a mountain

Jun 03, 1998 06:17 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson

Hi folks.
Being relatively new here - been lurking in the background for few days - I
am ready to take the risk of putting in few words into this learned

Kym  wrote:
"To those of you who agree with Judge in saying we should "imitate"
(emulate, says Dallas) the Masters - I am still curious on just what that

Why on earth should we want to imitate or even emulate the Masters? I have
always thought that becoming 'spiritual' (or shouldn't we rather say 'more
enlightened'?) would rather consist in being more creative, more
spontaneous, and yes,  a little bit Wiser perhaps. And by what I have heard,
wisdom is born out of seeing clearer and being more tolerant toward our
brothers and sisters, i.e. out of understanding and love, and least out of
knowledge or imitating what we imagine others to do. In my experience those
who see a little clearer than the average are less predictable and much more
likely to surprise you in everyday actions and attitude. They are simply
impossible to imitate.

"What would a Master (based on the available information) do or/and say to
someone who was poised on a bridge ready to jump to his/her death?"

Well. I don't know what I would do or say, standing suddenly and unprepared
against such a situation. Would you? One can only theorize about such
things, and I can assure you that if you think that you can prepare for such
situation by thinking it all out in advance and trying to memorize all the
possible answers, then you are out for a BIG surprise.
Of course we all have confronted or will confront some situation where the
life of others may seem to depend on us (and I can positively assure you
that you will not be thinking about karmic relations). Such situations need
our unattended attention and full creativity, neither pre-thought or
after-thoughts, because what you do or say will be irreversible.

"What would a Master do or/and say (based on the available information) to a
homeless family?"

Again. What does it matter what the master does or/and says to a homeless
family? What matters is of course: "What do we - I and you - do and/or say
about all the millions of homeless families in the world?" I wonder just how
many they are. Do I conceive even vaguely what it feels to be a family
without a home - or do I only speculate on what others may think?

"What would a Master do/say if someone said "You're ugly and your mother's
so low she plays handball against the curb?"

Aha!!! - Big laugh!! (I think)  :-)

Love and light.

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