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Jun 03, 1998 02:51 PM
by Kym Smith

Darren wrote:

>Before I discovered HPB and the SD I was in India learning with Deepak
>Chopra and he said to realise who the GURU was, just spell it out loud.

Why do we let so-called "enlightened ones" get away with such drivel.
Deepak can be admired for being able to coin a witty sound-bite - but his
advice leaves me, well, ticked off.  I bet some people walked away, after
paying mega-bucks, thinking they had just recieved a profound truth.

Without the "Gee" - URU would qualify, in philosophical terms, as a
tautology.  And as that guy with the real, long last name which starts with
a "W" (Wittgenstein, or something like that) said: "tautologies say nothing"
and "they give no news."  Ok, "you are you" - and "red is red" - and "gas is


I think we allow "enlightened ones" to get away with polishing their nails
while on the job.  And with insulting us.

Although Eldon (in his post) sees "an unusual mental image" in the
spelling-out of GURU, I am afraid that I pretty much see zip.  Eldon went on
to say it is much more than that - I agree.

Good luck to you, Darren.  Deepak to HPB, eh? - if you manage to leave this
world without a drool problem, my hat will be off to you.


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