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Re: Evil = humanity?

Jun 03, 1998 12:28 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

Kym writes:
>Uh, yeah.
>Firstly, this sounds to me more like fundamental Christianity than Theosophy.
>Secondly, your "3)" - what do you mean "you name it?"  I mean, is your "3)"
>the neat-o freebie it appears to be?
>Thirdly, I am a friend of Paul's and do not consider myself "inherently
>evil."  However, feel free to dog on your friends if you feel the need.

What do yo mean you're a friend?  Are you living in the same locality?  Do
you spend time together regularly?

Those quotes are right from THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  You have to admit that
many people don't really know what theosophy is.

When I wrote three it was left open because it is still such a new concept
to me that I am sure there are ideas that I will someday get from others on
how to handle this new situation I find myself in.

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