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Re: Holy folk on a mountain

Jun 03, 1998 03:17 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

> wrote:
>> For example, from all the texts and writings and discussion about who and
>> what the Masters are, how would we 'emulate' them in everyday situations?
>> What would a Master (based on the available information) do or/and say to
>> someone who was poised on a bridge ready to jump to his/her death?  What
>> would a Master do or/and say (based on the available information) to a
>> homeless family?  What would a Master do/say if someone said "You're ugly
>> and your mother's so low she plays handball against the curb?"
>	The Mahatma would examine the karma, and choose from those
>actions/inactions that would create no personal karma, choosing the one
>s/he believes will further the evolution of humanity the most.
>	Of course, most of us are not gifted with the ability to perceive
>karma. So what we have to do is TRY. Try to, as dispassionately as
>possible, determine which action or inaction would further the evolution
>of the human race the most, based on your
>interpretation/belief/disbelief of the primary literature and those that
>have come before and afterwards, and act accordingly.
>	Bart Lidofsky

I agree more with Bart and disagree with Dallas and somewhat with Troa,
although I like th way Troa put it.  Dallas' answer is too strictly "old
theosophy."  Dallas is right in one respect though.  He depends on the
accumulated "radiation" of a person who is opening themselves up to the
higher life.  Simply by being in our presence, life returns to its correct
path.  This idea is found when we think of all we contact being healed, or
when we stream through a crowd, all energy is "treated" by the love of God
or a holy name, such as Elohim.

I think the I AM Temple teaches wonderful ways of calling for the adepts in
situations.  The temple decrees instruct us to start in simple ways.
First, why is it that some phrases remind us of something a master would do
and say and some don't?  For instance, my best and most frequent response
when asked how a master would act is to think HE WOULD FORGIVE IT.  The
masters would forgive wrong actions and by doing so would remove the wrong
from existing.

Other favorites are:  Remove all wrong from the being and world of the
party jumping, the homeless family, or the critical passerby.  By removing
the wrong we set the persons free.  When they are free, they can take a
second look at their lives and live without what was bothering them and
causing them to do wrong.

I AM uses the violet flame to "consume" the wrong so that it is returned to
the universal and then the exercise we use is one of replacing wrong
activity with LIGHT SUBSTANCE from the Ascended Master Octave.  This gives
the injured a new outlook and a new world in which to "struggle."  But then
this struggle becomes consumed, too, because we no longer learn to rebel
against conditions, but we learn how to practice the "consuming" of the
condition, setting ourselves and others free, and returning us to love for
God in our lives.  Love for God is the right way and it doesn't fail us.

There is so much accumulated distress and discord in some places that the
Violet Flame can be applied continuously until the Victory is achieved.
Especially noteworthy is the call for the beings of the elements and the
powers of nature to be "purified and cleansed" because when they receive
our help, they turn around and thank us for it. The simplest way to
perceive this is by looking at the wealth they provide us with.

Just holding a picture of the Ascended Master Jesus or St. Germain or
whoever your favorite adept is over the discordant condition can work
miracles in returning us to RIGHT ACTION, because remember it is the
Masters themselves who are working to contact man and not just our empty
attempt at being great, so they and their angels are awaiting opportunities
where mankind calls to them.  When they act, we know miracles can occur.

I think you, too, must know which are Ascended Master Powers.  What, for
instance, rings true and eternal?  Who do you hear when the words, "Turn
the other cheeck." are spoken?


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