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Re: SD & Sanscrit

May 29, 1998 01:53 PM
by Mark Kusek wrote:
> Dallas:
> >Yes I am of the opinion that the S D contains a code that will
> >open the understanding to "deeper" levels of the philosophy
> >presented there.

If you know how to look, anything can reveal it: a spoonful of jam,
pickles, etc.
(Do we see an image of truth, or as truth sees?) Why the conditional
need for drama?

> Recently there has been a discussion about Sanskrit.  English is hard
> compared to Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the language of the gods. Its
> softness, its compassion, the pronounciation/sound and the colours produced
> by that, surely have a beneficient effect on humanity?  It is a mistake to
> see it just as a language, without taking into consideration its other
> facets. Using  Sanskrit also helps humanity, and also helps those who use it
> to go within.  It is the language of the within.

A bias of opinion and unsupportable as absolute.

> This is not to say we
> should all be learning Sanskrit, but to ackowledge it, rather than
> dismissing it. Using Sanscrit IS helping humanity. Using Sanskrit makes
> Theosophy easier to understand. Using English makes it harder!

I disagree. Don't confuse a form of language with the meaningful content
it carries. It is possible to gutterally grunt the truth like a savage
or express the whole matter with translingual silence.

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