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SD & Sanscrit

May 28, 1998 11:05 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
>Yes I am of the opinion that the S D contains a code that will
>open the understanding to "deeper" levels of the philosophy
>presented there.  Every time I go back to read or study portions
>of it, it is like peeling an onion, I find some meanings that I
>overlooked earlier.
>I use two large INDEXES to the SD (Original 1888 Edition) and
>have not troubled myself with the 1893 edition for a long time
>once that I found it (in my esteem) to be faulty (because of the
>changes made in it).

Do you use the original index?  There is something very interesting about
it. It is xxx pages.  Each page is in 3 columns.  That is 90 columns in all.
The index starts with Aanroo, and is the only one to do so. There is
something interesting about Aanroo.  Just pronouncing it for example.  As
you feel there are embedded occult keys in the SD, why shouldn't it apply to
the index too?

xxx could translate in many ways.

The whole thing of using indexes, or perhaps it should be over-using
indexes, can be restricting and can make for a rather unfluid approach.

One very positive thing the SD offers is all round growth.  It is very easy
to get interested in a particular "occult" facet, say telepathy.  When
neglecting the other facets, "growth" becomes lop-sided.

Recently there has been a discussion about Sanskrit.  English is hard
compared to Sanskrit.  Sanskrit is the language of the gods.     Its
softness, its compassion, the pronounciation/sound and the colours produced
by that, surely have a beneficient effect on humanity?  It is a mistake to
see it just as a language, without taking into consideration its other
facets. Using  Sanskrit also helps humanity, and also helps those who use it
to go within.  It is the language of the within.  This is not to say we
should all be learning Sanskrit, but to ackowledge it, rather than
dismissing it.  Using Sanscrit IS helping humanity.  Using Sanskrit makes
Theosophy easier to understand.  Using English makes it harder!
Sanskrit is not about scholars.  Some are very good at defacing it and
making it difficult.  It has a lot to do with Spiritual Beings.   That is
why the Mahatmas and HPB and others use Sanskrit.  It is not a dead
language, but rather a living entity?   Like everything else, it is subject
to cycles.


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