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SD & Sanscrit

May 28, 1998 12:57 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Recently there has been a discussion about Sanskrit.  English is hard
>compared to Sanskrit.  Sanskrit is the language of the gods.     Its
>softness, its compassion, the pronounciation/sound and the colours produced
>by that, surely have a beneficient effect on humanity?  It is a mistake to
>see it just as a language, without taking into consideration its other
>facets. Using  Sanskrit also helps humanity, and also helps those who use it
>to go within.  It is the language of the within.  This is not to say we
>should all be learning Sanskrit, but to ackowledge it, rather than
>dismissing it.  Using Sanscrit IS helping humanity.  Using Sanskrit makes
>Theosophy easier to understand.  Using English makes it harder!
>Sanskrit is not about scholars.  Some are very good at defacing it and
>making it difficult.  It has a lot to do with Spiritual Beings.   That is
>why the Mahatmas and HPB and others use Sanskrit.  It is not a dead
>language, but rather a living entity?   Like everything else, it is subject
>to cycles.

I chant using the Liturgy of Nichiren Shoshu because it was something that
my mom has always done.  However, I'm starting to not feel very inspired
because I would prefer to understand the meaning of every word rather than
repeating the words because they are sacred words.  I am at present
searching for inspiring prayers using the English language, and that would
lift my being.  Mark offered some prayers from UCT, but I haven't found one
that fit with me.  Meditation will have to be my main form of upliftment.

The Korean martial arts school that I trained under would use only Korean
phrases and language for counting and techniques, and salutations and
commands.  I believe that it is all part of making the student lose his/her
individuality to fit in with the militaristic control mode.  And, of
course, the national pride of the Grandmaster.

I believe it is the same with chanting the sutra in Japanese.  It is
probably the Japanese national pride.

Could that also be with Sanskrit?

Thoa :o)

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