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Re: A New Web Site: Blavatsky's Alleged "Untruths"

May 28, 1998 07:14 AM
by Phillips Spencer

"The foolish man reviles the teachings of the holy ones, the noble and
the virtuous; he follows flase doctrines which bear fruit to his own
destruction, even like the fruit of the Katthaka reed."

> From: "Daniel H Caldwell" <>
> Sent:	Wednesday, May 27, 1998 3:47 PM
> Subject: A New Web Site: Blavatsky's Alleged "Untruths"
> There is no religion, belief or opinion higher than the truth.
> A number of Theosophical students as well as other individuals have
> claimed that H.P. Blavatsky made various statements
> which could be called "untruths".  K. Paul Johnson in his various
> books
> deals with some of these "untruths." Other individuals have
> also brought forth examples of what they consider "untruths" on the
> part
> of Madame Blavatsky. Dallas TenBroeck, a longtime student
> of Madame Blavatsky's life and works, has objected to these claims of
> "untruths."  I quote a statement below from Mr. TenBroeck on
> this subject.  This web page has been created with the specific aim of
> dealing in a fair and open way with the alleged "untruths" and
> their rebuttals or confirmations (if there are any).  We encourage
> people interested in this subject to submit to this Web Site
> examples/confirmations/rebuttals of these alleged "untruths."  Please
> send relevant items to  Please sign your
> full name.  All items including names of writers will be posted
> whether
> positive, negative or neutral.  Also please post items to
> [If you are not a subscriber to Theos-Talk,
> send a message consisting of "subscribe" to
> No controversy surrounding H.P. Blavatsky is considered "off limits"
> to
> this list. However, all contributors should document
> their assertions and be willing to share in some detail their
> reasoning
> and understanding for the various statements made. Serious and
> indepth discussion is desired; heated argument and name calling are
> discouraged. Please share what you know about these
> controversies with others. All participants are encouraged to make
> regular contributions to this forum.
> Table of Contents (to date)
> A Fair Kind of Questioning by Dallas TenBroeck
> Alleged "Untruth" #1
> Responses to Alleged "Untruth" #1
> Alleged "Untruth" # 2
> Responses to Alleged "Untruth" #2
> Alleged "Untruth" #3
> Responses to Alleged "Untruth" #3
> NOTE:  To Dallas T., Jerry S. and Paul Johnson
> I have taken some of what each of you have written on Theos-Talk and
> put
> on the web site.  Jerry S., I have collated some of your various
> comments on the Trikaya and entered it as one contribution.  Feel
> free,
> Jerry, to rewrite and add to this "contribution".  I hope I haven't
> distorted any of your views.
> If any of you want this material deleted from the new Web site, please
> email me and it will be immediately done.

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