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A New Web Site: Blavatsky's Alleged "Untruths"

May 27, 1998 12:46 PM
by Daniel H Caldwell


There is no religion, belief or opinion higher than the truth.

A number of Theosophical students as well as other individuals have
claimed that H.P. Blavatsky made various statements
which could be called "untruths".  K. Paul Johnson in his various books
deals with some of these "untruths." Other individuals have
also brought forth examples of what they consider "untruths" on the part
of Madame Blavatsky. Dallas TenBroeck, a longtime student
of Madame Blavatsky's life and works, has objected to these claims of
"untruths."  I quote a statement below from Mr. TenBroeck on
this subject.  This web page has been created with the specific aim of
dealing in a fair and open way with the alleged "untruths" and
their rebuttals or confirmations (if there are any).  We encourage
people interested in this subject to submit to this Web Site
examples/confirmations/rebuttals of these alleged "untruths."  Please
send relevant items to  Please sign your
full name.  All items including names of writers will be posted whether
positive, negative or neutral.  Also please post items to [If you are not a subscriber to Theos-Talk,
send a message consisting of "subscribe" to]

No controversy surrounding H.P. Blavatsky is considered "off limits" to
this list. However, all contributors should document
their assertions and be willing to share in some detail their reasoning
and understanding for the various statements made. Serious and
indepth discussion is desired; heated argument and name calling are
discouraged. Please share what you know about these
controversies with others. All participants are encouraged to make
regular contributions to this forum.

Table of Contents (to date)

A Fair Kind of Questioning by Dallas TenBroeck
Alleged "Untruth" #1
Responses to Alleged "Untruth" #1
Alleged "Untruth" # 2
Responses to Alleged "Untruth" #2
Alleged "Untruth" #3
Responses to Alleged "Untruth" #3

NOTE:  To Dallas T., Jerry S. and Paul Johnson

I have taken some of what each of you have written on Theos-Talk and put
on the web site.  Jerry S., I have collated some of your various
comments on the Trikaya and entered it as one contribution.  Feel free,
Jerry, to rewrite and add to this "contribution".  I hope I haven't
distorted any of your views.

If any of you want this material deleted from the new Web site, please
email me and it will be immediately done.

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