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Re: K. Paul Johnson and HPB's alleged "untruths"

May 27, 1998 09:47 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-05-27 01:44:48 EDT, Caldwell/Graye quotes Johnson:

<< Either HPB manufactured most of these stories about Morya, allegedly her
personal Master, out of whole cloth, or she combined stories about several
prototypes in different versions to different people. >>

If the Masters aren't real, then reincarnation doesn't make any sense. The
objective, as I understand it, of the long struggle through time and space is
to finally attain that equilibrium in conscousness wherein we no longer have
to reappear on earth except by choice. Mahatmic conscousness was considered so
important to WQJ that he devoted the first chapter of OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY to
it. The effects of the effort is the acquisition of the goal - one's
liberation from the wheel of birth and death.


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