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Re: Re: Jerry Schueler on Devachan

May 28, 1998 06:58 AM
by Phillips Spencer

"The exoteric lay man hardly knows the real meaning of the word
Nirmanakaya hence the confusion and inadequate explanations of the

> From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
> Sent:	Wednesday, May 27, 1998 7:32 PM
> Subject: Re: Re: Jerry Schueler on Devachan
> >Daniel Caldwell comments:
> >
> >Jerry, once again I ask what are the "few scholarly works"
> >that mention Devachan?  We already know Tucci writes about
> >the term.  I have asked David Reigle (who is very knowledgable
> >on Sanskrit and Tibetan) about the word "Devachan".  He
> >says it IS a Tibetan word.  That Tucci is, of course,
> >correct.  And no, Tucci did NOT get the word from HPB!
> >So are you ready to amend your statement about HPB &
> >the term "devachan"?
> OK, devachan is a good solid Tibetan word as the name
> of some obscure heaven world. I like Tucci, and so I will
> amend my statement gratefully. However, it seems to have
> little to do with the after-death state which is how HPB uses
> the word. She misuses the term Nirmanakaya also. She has
> its meaning the opposite of its Tibetan meaning -- the
> physical body of an incarnated Buddha. My own opinion is
> that if this is all she got wrong, then she did amazingly well.
> Jerry S.

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